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Chana Palak Recipe

Chana Palak | Spinach Chole Recipe

Chana Palak | Spinach Chole Recipe is another spinach recipe. Kabuli Chana and spinach are main ingredients in this recipe. The other names to this recipe are Chickpeas Spinach Recipe, Chana Palak Recipe, Chana Spinach […]

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Korralu Upma Recipe

Korralu Upma Recipe | Foxtail Millet Recipe

Korralu is one of the rice items. We can call it as Foxtail millet. We can prepare many recipes with korralu. It is good for diabetic patients. They can use it as a substitute to […]

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Jeera Rice Recipe

Jeera Rice Recipe | How to Prepare Jeera Rice

Serves: 2-3 Persons

Jeera Rice Recipe Preparation is a very simple recipe for beginners. It is one of the best rice recipes for dinner. Use basmati rice, they are for this Jeera Rice Recipe. They exist many recipes […]

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