Rasam Powder Recipe | Rasam Masala | Charu Podi

Homemade Rasam Powder Recipe is very easy. It is always good to prepare charu podi at home. It will be stored for at least 2 months. Rasam powder ingredients are also very few and all are available at home.

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Rasam Powder Recipe Ingredients:

Coriander seeds/Dania – 4 cups
Toor Dal – 2 cup
Pepper seeds – 2 tablespoons
Dry Red chilies – 7-8
Cumin seeds – 2 tablespoons
Dry Coconut Piece – 3 inches
Methi seeds/fenugreek seeds – ¼ tablespoon

Rasam Masala | Charu Podi preparation method:

1. Dry roasts all ingredients except dry coconut in a pan separately.

2. Wait until they become cool.

3. Take a blender; add toor dal and pepper seeds. Blend them well. Then, add all other ingredients and blend it well again.

4. Now the easy and homemade rasam powder recipe is ready.

5. Use 2 tablespoons of rasam powder while preparing rasam recipe.

Rasam Powder Recipe | Rasam Masala | Charu Podi

Tips and tricks to make Rasam Powder Recipe | Rasam Masala | Charu Podi:

1. Don’t over roast ingredients. No need to change their color. Ingredients need to be heated only.


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